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Venus flytrap typical

Venus flytrap typical

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Venus Flytraps are the most popular of Carnivorous Plants. Known for their jaw like traps that snap shut when triggered by insects trapping them inside for consumption. These Venus flytraps are typically green with pinkish tint on the inside of trap under lots of light. Shown in 3.5" pot.  Sizes vary depending on availability, feel free to contact me to know what size is shipping. Young tiny plants are never shipped, easily expect large, possibly medium plants on occasion.
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Customer Reviews

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I would tell others, not to expect mature plants that are ready to catch anything.
I was a little disappointed when I opened the package and saw very little plants I’m hoping survive. This is actually the first time buying a plant this young and small. You should definitely let people know that the plants will be, very small.

I had spoken to this customer via email regarding their concern and explained the flytraps were a little late coming out of dormancy for me this year, but assured them the plant was not young and the rhizome was definitely large. I gave time for the plant to wake (my others were then in full growth) and wrote them back and asked the status of the plant and if they were now satisfied to see the plant has woken from dormancy. I've not received a response. Everyone is always welcome to send a message via social or an email if they'd like to see an example of what's currently available and I'll be happy to do what I can to show you. -Andrew

Mike Sco
All Excellent!

Received my order of VFTs quickly and in great shape. They’re out in my bog garden now and doing great.

Shane H
Perfect trappy boys

Great job of packaging it, stayed completely fine all along the crappy USPS ride and arrived to me in perfect condition. Looks very healthy, nice growth, and no dead growth at all! Will definitely be coming back for the awesome service!

Kayde F.
Super satisfied

I'd been wanting a Venus fly trap for a while, I ordered multiple, and got them for less than the price that I'd get one from home depot. It was very last minute and Andrew was super flexible and delivered the very same day! I can't wait to make other purchases from him!

Triet Vu
5 stars are not enough for this review

I ordered a few flytraps along with sundews. They look absolutely magnificent. Everything arrived fast and were extremely well-packed. I would give this review 25/5 stars if ever allowed to do so. Definitely would buy again from this site. Thank you Andrew.