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Venus Flytrap 'Dentate Traps'

Venus Flytrap 'Dentate Traps'

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Venus Flytraps are the most popular of Carnivorous Plants. Known for their jaw like traps that snap shut when triggered by insects trapping them inside for consumption. The Venus flytrap 'Dentate Traps' form has shorter "teeth" that look more aggressive.  Sizes vary depending on availability, feel free to contact me to know what size is shipping. Young tiny plants are never shipped, easily expect large, possibly medium plants on occasion.
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Customer Reviews

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'Dentate the Great'

I ordered one plant but received two actually! The plant had two growth points and the rhizome was very healthy. The overall health of the plant was spectacular. The plant was very large considering its dormancy. I expect it to be very vigorous during the growing season. I am very satisfied and couldn't ask for a better plant.

Excellent Flytrap plant!

I’ve had my Dentate venus flytrap for just over a week, it arrived bare root rapped in damp cloth packaged well, it was a nice sized plant and very healthy. I potted it up with the peat moss/perlite mix I also purchased from this site. It had three traps already on it two mature traps and one new guy.
It’s not even been two weeks and it was like it never even went into shock from shipment, it immediately started growing again. I count 8 traps total and more on the way, in less than two weeks five new traps have spawned, impressed.
Andrew also was very helpful answering any questions I had. Great site, great healthy plant, great communication. A++

Happy traps

Just got my plants today, and dentate traps was one of them. Not a tiny specimen, generously sized plant for the price you pay! Looks green and healthy and robust.