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Venus flytrap 'Akai Ryu'

Venus flytrap 'Akai Ryu'

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Venus Flytraps are the most popular of Carnivorous Plants. Known for their jaw like traps that snap shut when triggered by insects trapping them inside for consumption. Under good lighting/ growing conditions the Venus flytrap 'Akai Ryu' form becomes very dark red to maroon in color. This plant is also known as Dionaea Red Dragon. Shown in 3.5" pot. Sizes vary depending on availability, feel free to contact me to know what size is shipping. Young tiny plants are never shipped, easily expect large, possibly medium plants on occasion.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Love it!

I'm a new plant owner and decided to buy a Venus Flytrap from this shop. I emailed the owner for questions and he was very patient, answering every question I had! The plant got delivered in the promised time frame and in great shape. I highly recommend buying from this shop :)

I am addicted to these plants

I love these plants! They arrived healthy and well packaged via priority mail! The company owner was prompt in replying to my emails and has a great knowledge of his products. I would not hesitate to order from this company again. Carnivorous plants are fascinating!

kayden samelson
It was ok

Since corona is going on right now it took 6 Days to ship instead of 2 but im not mad i understand. The plant cam with 4 or 5 traps 2 were broken due to shipping but thats not flytrapshops fault. The plant seemed to be about 2 or so years old. overal it was a good purchase.

I wrote this customer the day of the review asking for clarification, figured I would share here. The order was placed late in the day on the 3rd and I shipped it on the 4th. Sure USPS priority takes a couple days to deliver, but that's expected. USPS showed package was 'held at post office at customer request', which he says he didn't request. But even with that, the plant was delivered in 4 days from ordering. He said he would send a photo, but I still have not received one. As far as broken leaves, he says the box was crushed which collapsed the cup and broke the largest traps that were up in the top of the cup.

Fingers Crossed

My Venus arrived wilted, practically dead but still green. I watered immediately and sat in window awaiting the morning son. The packaging was perfect but the carrier (USPS) held them too long. I am disappointed and hope they come back to life. I hope someone from FlyTrapShop reaches out to me soon.

Edit: At my request I was sent photos of the plants. They were in PERFECT condition. Yes, VFT 'Akai Ryu' during certain times of the year have long petioles which allows the trap to lay down rather than stand erect, that's just how they grow and is how the plants were at the time. They were not 'wilted' or 'practically dead'. I sent many photos even showed my tray of 'Akai Ryu' and each step taken to pack the plants with photos along the way showing his plant looked exactly as they should. I'm saddened that he didn't update his review even after admitting he didn't know much about Venus Flytraps and all the information/photos I sent him showing the plants were perfect. :(
Original reply: Wow, a poor review on plants that you received today that you didn't even follow the policies of this store and send an email explaining your dissatisfaction along with photos? Not sure how you expected me to know you had an issue if you never contacted me. Unless this is you contacting me? Usually poor reviews are for when you can't get any action from the store. :-\
Anyway, I've sent you an email asking for photos.
Thanks, Andrew

Van Carroll
Totally Radical!

Amazingly healthy plant with nice rhizome color. The growth point was nice and vigorous. Plant was still dormant and considering that it had very nice sized traps. Overall I am very Happy and will be buying again!