Drosera 'Albino'

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Drosera 'Albino'  (some call it Drosera capensis var. alba)  is a great starter carnivorous plant. Different from the typical and "All Red" forms because of it's green leaves and only a slight pink to the dew drops when receiving intense lighting.  The flowers are also white verses the normal red or pink of D. capensis.  A great contrast to be by either of the others! Known for being easy to grow and flower. Plant self seeds so you can soon have many many more. Drosera 'Albino' can catch fairly large insects such as moths and house flies. It also commonly completely wraps around its live prey over night. These are shipped potted in 3.5" pots.  Sizes vary depending on availability, feel free to contact me to know what size is shipping.

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