N. ventricosa x aristolochioides

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Nepenthes ventricosa x aristolochioides is a neat little plant!  N. aristo has a neat bird house shaped pitcher but requires generally cool nights which I cannot provide.  Having N. ventricosa in the hybrid seems to give the plant just enough tolerance to grow in my conditions.  Although it definitely likes the winter better, in the summer it grows slower and sometimes not as many pitchers, I'm not positive if it is the cooler temperature, or the higher humidity of winter.

This plant is a known female and flowers every year for me.

NOTE!!  This is for an unrooted cutting taken 2/12/2017.  I will NOT check the progress of the cutting, it will be wrapped in sphagnum and mailed to you.  Once I notice growth, this will be updated as a rooted cutting. 

Old stock photo of my clone provided- not what was cut, or what you will receive.

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